Tue 02/18/20

Lotto Winners - Winning Testimonials

Winners are worth watching, not only because you can share in their jackpot joy, but because their stories often reveal methods they have used to break the lottery code and come out on top. Choosing the right lotto numbers, picking the best lottery games and preparing properly before you win go a long way toward maximizing the cash you take home with your lottery investments. There is also much to learn about the ways you can collect your lottery winnings and the important tips you need to know to secure your cash once you win big. There are many sad stories of uninformed winners losing their jackpot rewards, but reading them gives you an advantage and makes you more ready to handle your money once you do win it all!

Latest Lottery Winners

Brooklyn mom, 42-year-old Sharisee Frails, suffered a stroke eight years ago and used a shiny red scooter to move around the room at her press conference. Thankfully she now celebrating a stroke of luck instead!

It's always a wonderful story when a lottery winner overcomes personal tragedy to triumph by beating the odds and bringing home a life-changing amount of money as part of an exciting lottery game win!

Marcia Adams, a 33 year old accountant from College Park Georgia wanted to get some chocolate for her boyfriend. While she was in the shop she decided to pick up a lottery ticket for the $72 Million dollar Mega Millions lottery drawing as well. Now she is the sole grand prize winner and can buy all the chocolate her boyfriend ever wants, or anything else the happy couple want to get!

One misconception among the uneducated is that your odds of winning change after you have won the first time. In fact, that's simply not true. You have exactly the same chance of winning each time you play the lottery, past wins and losses do not alter your odds negatively. For proof of that fact we bring you Mr. Ronald Pelissero of Gainesville who has now won two major lottery prizes in a span of only seven years. First a $197,930 jackpot in 2005 playing Fantasy 5 and now another $750,000 prize playing Jingle Jumbo Bucks over the recent holiday season!

Gareth Bull, a builder from Aspley, Nottingham won an amazing £40,627,241 simply because he ducked into a shop hoping to avoid getting wet from the rain outside. His was the only winning lottery ticket to match all five main numbers and both lucky stars in the recent EuroMillions rollover drawing!