Wed 02/19/20

Lotto Winners - Winning Testimonials

Winners are worth watching, not only because you can share in their jackpot joy, but because their stories often reveal methods they have used to break the lottery code and come out on top. Choosing the right lotto numbers, picking the best lottery games and preparing properly before you win go a long way toward maximizing the cash you take home with your lottery investments. There is also much to learn about the ways you can collect your lottery winnings and the important tips you need to know to secure your cash once you win big. There are many sad stories of uninformed winners losing their jackpot rewards, but reading them gives you an advantage and makes you more ready to handle your money once you do win it all!

Latest Lottery Winners

Officials now believe that the winning Euromillions ticket worth €800,000 was sold in Roxboro Stores last week to a person living locally. It appears a woman living in Garryowen, who bought two lottery tickets is the lucky winner but so far nobody has come forward to claim the prize.

Michael Shaver and Ronald Simmons have known each other for decades. They first became friends in grade school, and each of them has a child that is named after the other, to illustrate how much these two new lottery winners respect each other.

Ryan Kitching is a 19 year old who lives at home with his mom and usually resists cleaning his room. That is, until recently, when he finally listened and managed to find a jackpot winning lottery ticket in the process!

After more than two weeks of letting his mess get out of hand, Ryan finally cleaned up and found a ticket with five numbers in it. It wasn't until that moment that he decided to check his winning numbers against the published draw.

Ten men who have been friends for decades became the most recent winning syndicate of the Health Lottery, but they didn't know it for more than a week and none of them remembered to check their winning numbers right away!

The 10 Rotherham syndicate winners include: Roy Ferguson, 67, Joe Worthington, 70, Ken Cheetham, 67, Barry Briggs, 68, Cyril Viney, 67, Alan Marshall, 66, Geoff Shakespeare, 70, his brother Les Shakespeare, 64, and a tenth friend who decided to avoid all the publicity.

Lottery players know the value of a winning streak and never question their own luck. When you are on a roll, the air tastes sweeter and the sun seems to shine brighter. That's how it has been in the UK recently as the EuroMillions lottery announced a third British winner in just over a month!

We have all heard stories about what happens to someone who wins the lottery and seeks out fame with their new found money. Most of those stories end badly with scams, grifters and nefarious advisers bilking them out of Millions of dollars.

The New Zealand Lotteries Commission announced that the Lotto First Division prize of 1 Million was won by three people who will each take home $333,333. "The Strike Four prize pool has been jackpotting since 7 January and this is only the fifth time the Strike jackpot has topped $1 million in its history” said Lotteries Commission Chief Executive Warren Salisbury.

Strike Four went seven consecutive weeks without a winner, while Lotto Powerball jackpotted again and is worth an estimated $12.5 million.

How lucky can you get exactly? Barbara Singer recently bought a lottery ticket and won an instant prize of $25.00. She got so excited about the extra pocket money that she didn't even bother to check the final results on the 6/49 Jackpot drawing that the ticket also entered in to win.

Finally, when the James Bay legal clerk went back to the store to collect her $25 winnings she remembered to take a moment and look at the final drawing results. As it turned out, she was also the winner of the grand prize 3.3 Million dollar jackpot as well!

It was reported that the 22-year-old Mr. Topham had not been in touch with either of his parents since they separated six years ago. Perhaps in response to that trauma from his earlier life, Mr Topham is now planning to spend some of his lottery winnings on a dream wedding to the love of his life, and co-winner of EuroMillions, Miss Carrington.

The power of positive thinking simply should not be underestimated according to recent lottery winners Paul Kibler, a gardener and his wife Marie, a healthcare worker of Sutton Coldfield in the UK. They brought home a jackpot prize of £2,194,776!