Sat 04/04/20

Would You Forget A 3.3 Million Dollar Lottery Ticket?

How lucky can you get exactly? Barbara Singer recently bought a lottery ticket and won an instant prize of $25.00. She got so excited about the extra pocket money that she didn't even bother to check the final results on the 6/49 Jackpot drawing that the ticket also entered in to win.

Finally, when the James Bay legal clerk went back to the store to collect her $25 winnings she remembered to take a moment and look at the final drawing results. As it turned out, she was also the winner of the grand prize 3.3 Million dollar jackpot as well!

The fifty-sex year old Ms. Singer said "All the bells and whistles went off and this big number popped up on the screen and I thought, ‘Well, that's the jackpot, not what I won'" In fact it was reporting exactly what she had won, a cool $3.3 million dollar prize!

Barbara Singer lotto 649 winner

"All the people there were screaming and shouting and my mind just went blank" she said. "It's just completely incomprehensible to see that number. I was more fixated on the $25 scratch and win because that's more manageable."

The ticket was bought from Don's Food Market, at Niagara and Menzies Streets in James Bay. Singer plans to spend part of her money buying a condo in James Bay and she also wants to get a new car. Then she will be taking her eighty-six year old father to Hawaii and some other destination vacations as well.

Lucky to win $25, even luckier to win 3.3 Million, but luckiest of all that she finally remembered to check her winning numbers. That's the lesson for today, always check your numbers and make sure you claim every prize you win playing the lottery online!