Tue 02/18/20

Woman from L. A. County Won $1 Million on April Fool’s Day

April 1 is the Fool’s Day and if someone tells you that he/she won the lottery jackpot on that day, you would probably not believe them. That was what actually happened when Thea Carlson, a woman from L. A. County won a million dollars from the lottery.
Carlson had to face the challenge of making her family believe that she indeed won the lottery. The 69 year old La Verne resident bought her 50X The Cash (the latest of Lottery’s Scratchers game) and on the final money square on the card’s lotto results, she uncovered the 25. And instantly, she became a millionaire.
According to Carlson, all she can remember was her looking at all the zeroes in there. She kept thinking that there must be some kind of a mistake. That it must not be the right number. But it was all true. So, after pacing back and forth a few times she decided to call her niece.
She knew that it would be hard to convince her niece that she won a huge prize thus she only tried to get her niece to believe that she had won $1,000. When the niece saw the ticket, she believed her aunt. The numbers were there and the one and the six zeroes are there undeniably in bold print.
For Carlson, her April first started quite like her normal day. She went to the A&C Liquor in order to cash in some small Scratchers tickets that she has and she decided to use the money into buying five $10 tickets for 50X The Cash to play lottery. So she spent $50 as in investment for her unexpected $1Million win.
Carlson’s immediate plan is to buy herself and her sister new cars and she’s also thinking of buying herself a new house. As for the owner of the liquor store, they are getting a whooping $5 Million for selling the winning ticket to Thea Carlson.
Last year, Carlson also won in the lottery with lotto results from two California Black Exclusive games that brought her a couple thousand of dollars. She had been very happy with those winning and never in her wildest dream did she ever think that she would be able to win a million dollars. She just couldn’t believe all those zeroes are real. Lastly, she said that she still has five 50X The Cash tickets in her purse and she will continue to play lottery on other platforms also like lotto365.

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