Sat 04/04/20

West Virginia Friends Share Life Changing Lottery Win Together

Michael Shaver and Ronald Simmons have known each other for decades. They first became friends in grade school, and each of them has a child that is named after the other, to illustrate how much these two new lottery winners respect each other.

Shaver and Simmons do most everything together and are active business partners. And now they have successfully matched five numbers seven times as a syndicate team with the PowerPlay option in the West Virginia Powerball lottery drawing! The pair played the same numbers seven times, winning $2 million for each play. The winnings would have been $1 million for each play, but these two gents were also smart enough to choose the all important PowerPlay option which doubled their winnings!

Ronald Simmons and Michael Shaver

Had the gotten the powerball number right, the tickets would have been worth a staggering $40 Million dollars, but as it was they are very happy to be splitting their $14 Million Dollar prize. They purchased the winning ticket at a local Prima 7-Eleven in Weston, West Virginia which is also great news for the store owner because the store earns a $100,000 selling bonus from the Lottery Commission.

Both Vietnam War Veterans planned to use part of their winnings to help other veterans in need. "We'll have to take our time and plan. Veterans benefits are something we are both very passionate about and we plan to advocate for protecting veterans benefits" he said. "We both want to thank the VA hospitals in Pittsburgh and Clarksburg and the Veterans Center in Morgantown, and all of the people associated with them, because we would not be here without them."

Now they have something they can do to help give back since they became the first Match 5 Powerball winners of lottery tickets sold in West Virginia since the introduction of the $2 Powerball game back in January. With $14 Million on hand, they can afford to help others and themselves in ways only lottery gamers can fully appreciate.