Wed 02/19/20

Man from Alameda County won a Whooping $5 Million

Lottery may not be for everybody. Some just have the luck to win, while some people keep on playing for many years without winning. For those who have won, they are indeed the lucky ones. Luck is the main factor when it comes to playing the lottery. You cannot really depend on anything else than your own luck as the number game is a very unpredictable one.
And speaking of luck, another great lotto-365 story about a man from Alameda County seems to be blessed with luck. Roberto Dos Santos first proved his luck when he won $1,000 from the lotto results of Scratcher ticket. That made this lucky man very happy indeed. But he was not done yet, just a couple of months after the $1000 win, he was at it again. He kept on playing and trying his luck. He was not disappointed and his luck strike again.
He went to play lottery with a $20 ticket and he hit it big time by getting the $5 Million top prize. It looked like the first win was just a tip of the iceberg and it merely prepared him for the best win ever.
According to the lucky winner, he just screamed when he saw the lotto results and realized that he had won. After a couple of sleepless nights and the whole weekend, he admitted that he was very much unsure on what he would do with all the money. After all, it was indeed a huge amount and for someone who was given the chance to have it unexpectedly, a decision could really be hard to come by.
Dos Santos also said that he has no plans to stop playing the lottery and he will surely play more of the Million $$ Match Scratches. Now that is a man bent on really trying his luck.
The winning ticket was bought by Dos Santos at a 7-Eleven branch located at 1501 University Avenue in Berkeley in Alameda County. The store owner is also a lucky winner as they will get a whopping $25,000 just for being lucky enough to sell the winning lucky ticket.
Within the span of two months Roberto Dos Santos was able to bag $5, 001,000 and the good news is that he was able to share his lucky with the store owner. And since Roberto vows not to stop to play lottery, who knows, he could win again sometime soon. Although it would be better if other people can have the same luck that he had on

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