Wed 02/19/20

Lotto365 winning stories: San Pedro Retiree Won a Million Dollars

It was Gloria Swanigan’s habit to play lottery, but not to argue with automated voice machines on the phone. She did not really do that when the voice at the other end of the line told her that she matched the lotto results for five out of six numbers from the Mega Millions draw on March 10. The voice told her that she won a total of $1,092,958.
According to Gloria, she called the 1-800 (LOTTERY) number and she started hearing the voice giving her the lotto results with all her numbers. She actually thought the she was being fooled by the voice and so she checked everything from her computer. At first she thought she only won a thousand dollars and then she looked closer and saw that there were six zeroes.
The funny side of this story is that 66 year old Gloria was not really going to check her ticket. She was checking her vacation separation check for seven thousand dollars has already been deposited in her bank account. It was not deposited and she remembered to check her Mega Millions ticket instead.
After the phone call and the computer check, that seven thousand dollar check did not matter anymore. All Gloria can think about was how everything was so surreal and what she should do with the money. First she will pay off her condo’s mortgage and she’s also planning to go on a Mexican and Central American cruise in August.
Gloria was actually close to winning the jackpot prize of $25 million and according to her, with that money; she could have bought the whole cruise ship. If she had matched all six numbers she would have been a multi-millionaire, but she missed the winning number of 14 and she had the number 8 instead.
The 7-Eleven branch located in 114 North Gaffey Street in San Pedro, L.A. County, which sold the winning ticket to Gloria, got the $5,000 as retail bonus.
Gloria Swanigan was indeed very lucky, she may not have gotten her retirement check just as yet, but because she play lottery with lotto-365 she got a million dollars that can help her fulfill all her dreams and she can also help her family and friends. According to Gloria, she has no intention of stopping to try her luck on lottery games. She will continue buying lottery tickets. She actually plays all games and she has just bought another Mega Millions ticket.

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