Tue 02/18/20

The lotto365 winners - Three Times Lucky

Some people play lottery as a hobby. The main objective is to win the jackpot, of course, but other people are just playing for the sake of having something to do. If they win, it’s great; if not they will just keep on trying.
Worldwide lottery has turned a lot of people into millionaires and that is the main reason why more and more gamblers are taking the chance with lottery. And some people are just so lucky that they win more than once, like this woman from Orange County who must have been blessed with every luck in the world as she had already won three times in lottery.
All good things definitely come in threes. Yamilet Torres of Orange County is a living proof of that. She seldom plays the lottery and she was able to bring home money out of it three times. The first time was when she got $100 on lotto results for California Lottery Scratchers® ticket. That win made Torres decide to but more scratch tickets and one of the tickets gave her a whooping $5000 win. After claiming her recent win from the lottery’s District Office in Santa Ana, she decided to buy some more Scratchers tickets with lotto-365. According to Torres, she just felt like she’s going to be really lucky to win a bigger prize and the pictures she saw of the winners that were displayed at the district office gave her motivation and inspired her to play more and it proved that she made the right decision. She got three of the Emerald 10’s, three of the Ultimate Riches and three of the 50X The Cash. It was the last 50X The cash ticket that gave Torres her biggest win in the lotto results for the top prize of $1 million.
Three time lucky lottery winner Yamilet Torres won a total of $1,005,100 within just a week. If that wouldn’t inspire anyone to play lottery, nothing else probably would. According to Torres, she plans to use her winnings in buying a new car for herself and she will also help her family financially. It is maybe her good heart that gave her luck. She truly deserves the win.
Yamilet Torres bought her winning ticket at the Amazon Smoke Shop & Water with business address of 12062 Brookhurst Street, Garden Grove. The retailer got a bonus of $5,000 for being equally lucky to sell the winning ticket.

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