Tue 02/18/20

Lotto365 winners: Couple from Riverside County Won $1.3 Million Powerball Dollars

Mark and Kim Johnson, a couple from Riverside County went to a 7-Eleven store to play lottery with five Quick Pick numbers for a total of $10. The jackpot for that draw was $380 Million and the couple won a total of $1,338,464 when they matched five out of six numbers of the lotto results. They missed the Powerball number 33 and ended up with Powerball number 7, but the couple was very happy with what they got.
According to them, the biggest prize they have won as far as they can remember was $11. But with more than $1.3 million, Mark who works as heavy equipment operator is not going to be lifting anything heavy anymore.
Mark and Kim regularly play lottery with lotto-365 but they were not actually aware that they won until their son told them that that there was winner of the lotto results for the latest Powerball who bought the ticket from their favorite 7-eleven outlet and it was actually someone who lives in their town. The couple did not check their ticket instantly as they really had not considered that they were the winners.
Eventually, they checked the numbers and according to Kim, she almost really passed out. The funny thing was that Mark put the ticket in his truck and it stayed there until their son told them of the news. It was the day after they bought the ticket that their sons knew that they have bought tickets.
The couple had to look at the numbers about a dozen times and they still couldn’t believe that they have really won. But of course, the number did not lie and the money was theirs. Sukhdev Vasisht, the owner of the 7-Eleven store that sold the winning ticket also got lucky when the Johnsons won. He got retailer lottery bonus of $6,942.32, which he shared with his brother. It was actually ironic because Vasisht’s father who lives in India asked him if he can make a donation for the church they are building in their home town. It seems that Vasisht can certainly do that now.
The Johnsons plan to pay off their home and help out their two boys, both are in their 20’s. They think that it was indeed a lucky day when they purchased the winning ticket. They were surprised but in a very good way. They have always been praying that they be given the chance to win but as they said, they never really thought that it could happen.

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