Thu 04/02/20

Lottery Sellers Can Be Winners As Well

When most lottery gamers imagine a winner in their mind, they usually picture someone just like them who won a lottery and brought home a life-changing amount of jackpot cash. Sure, there are plenty of winners like you and you’ve probably been a winner a few times already yourself by now – but most people lose sight of the fact that the stores are big winners as well.

For example, a recent news story being followed here on Lotto 365 is that of a $28 Million Dollar winning ticket sold in Fort Worth by a local Shell gas station. The winning ticket has not been claimed yet, but the store owners are hopeful the ticket will be cashed soon. That’s because the lottery pays the store owner a share of the winning as a jackpot reward!

Stores can collect anywhere from .5% to 3% of the total jackpot amount depending on where the store is located and which lottery ticket was won. The amount doesn’t come directly out of the winner’s jackpot amount, it’s a separate fund. However, players are wise to find lotteries that pay out less to the stores because that leaves more cash in the jackpot for the players with the winning ticket… and indirectly that means more cash for you to take home!