Sun 03/29/20

Hoosier Lottery Winner Takes Home 34.5 Million Dollars Anonymously

We have all heard stories about what happens to someone who wins the lottery and seeks out fame with their new found money. Most of those stories end badly with scams, grifters and nefarious advisers bilking them out of Millions of dollars.

Perhaps that's why the newest winner of the Indiana Hoosier Lottery has used a clever plan to remain almost completely anonymous. By hiring local Indianapolis attorney Geffrey D. Rainbolt to create a company named HLT, LLC. (which stands for Hoosier Lottery Ticket LLC) the winner was able to send their lawyer to the press conference and collect thee third largest jackpot in Hoosier history without ever stepping out from the shadows of anonymity.

The only facts known at this time are that the winning numbers selected were: 3-7-18-19-23-25 and that the winner is someone who allegedly plays lottery games often. No other information was made available about the name, age, gender or occupation of the lottery winner.

Logically, not even the lottery winner's own family might know if they won the massive amount of money and that level of privacy may quickly become a fast paced trend in lottery play as gamers become wiser and take steps to decrease their vulnerability once you win a major grand prize drawing.