Sat 04/04/20

Georgia Lottery $750,000 second time Winner

One misconception among the uneducated is that your odds of winning change after you have won the first time. In fact, that's simply not true. You have exactly the same chance of winning each time you play the lottery, past wins and losses do not alter your odds negatively. For proof of that fact we bring you Mr. Ronald Pelissero of Gainesville who has now won two major lottery prizes in a span of only seven years. First a $197,930 jackpot in 2005 playing Fantasy 5 and now another $750,000 prize playing Jingle Jumbo Bucks over the recent holiday season!

Pelissero, 65 years old, was paid in full by the Georgia Lottery Corp. during a ceremony at noon inside the QuikTrip convenience store in Roswell where he had paid for the winning lottery ticket. "It's pretty cool," said the remodeling contractor. "I play every game, every time I can all over the state, wherever I might travel."

Ronald Pelissero

Ronald Pelissero with his Jingle Jumbo Bucks cheque

Last time he won he invested his winnings in real estate said winning also "gave us an opportunity to have some fun." This time he says "I was at the right place at the right time, I signed the back of the ticket, so no one else could claim it, and went back to work."

Pelissero said he was excited about the win but didn't need to cash in the prize immediately and smartly decided to wait for a more favorable tax circumstance to arise. "It got into the next year, tax-wise, and there was no need to rush," he said. "We knew it was coming and we had so long to cash it in." Pelissero, has six adult children, 11 grandchildren, and his wife, Grace. "I want to go to Australia or New Zealand," he said. "I'm not sure, but we're thinking about it."

The lesson to be learned is not to panic when you win big. Take your time and consider all of the potential tax liabilities before demanding your payment. The money is yours and as long as you collect before the expiration date you'll get every penny. By waiting until the tax year changed, Pelissero deferred any tax payments for an extra twelve months making his winning jackpot payout even sweeter!