Tue 03/31/20

Lotto Winners - Winning Testimonials

Winners are worth watching, not only because you can share in their jackpot joy, but because their stories often reveal methods they have used to break the lottery code and come out on top. Choosing the right lotto numbers, picking the best lottery games and preparing properly before you win go a long way toward maximizing the cash you take home with your lottery investments. There is also much to learn about the ways you can collect your lottery winnings and the important tips you need to know to secure your cash once you win big. There are many sad stories of uninformed winners losing their jackpot rewards, but reading them gives you an advantage and makes you more ready to handle your money once you do win it all!

Latest Lottery Winners

Some people play lottery as a hobby. The main objective is to win the jackpot, of course, but other people are just playing for the sake of having something to do. If they win, it’s great; if not they will just keep on trying.
Worldwide lottery has turned a lot of people into millionaires and that is the main reason why more and more gamblers are taking the chance with lottery. And some people are just so lucky that they win more than once, like this woman from Orange County who must have been blessed with every luck in the world as she had already won three times in lottery.

Lottery may not be for everybody. Some just have the luck to win, while some people keep on playing for many years without winning. For those who have won, they are indeed the lucky ones. Luck is the main factor when it comes to playing the lottery. You cannot really depend on anything else than your own luck as the number game is a very unpredictable one.

April 1 is the Fool’s Day and if someone tells you that he/she won the lottery jackpot on that day, you would probably not believe them. That was what actually happened when Thea Carlson, a woman from L. A. County won a million dollars from the lottery.
Carlson had to face the challenge of making her family believe that she indeed won the lottery. The 69 year old La Verne resident bought her 50X The Cash (the latest of Lottery’s Scratchers game) and on the final money square on the card’s lotto results, she uncovered the 25. And instantly, she became a millionaire.

Mark and Kim Johnson, a couple from Riverside County went to a 7-Eleven store to play lottery with five Quick Pick numbers for a total of $10. The jackpot for that draw was $380 Million and the couple won a total of $1,338,464 when they matched five out of six numbers of the lotto results. They missed the Powerball number 33 and ended up with Powerball number 7, but the couple was very happy with what they got.

It was Gloria Swanigan’s habit to play lottery, but not to argue with automated voice machines on the phone. She did not really do that when the voice at the other end of the line told her that she matched the lotto results for five out of six numbers from the Mega Millions draw on March 10. The voice told her that she won a total of $1,092,958.

Recently an anonymous couple privately came forward to claim their two shares of more than $30 Million in prize money for their Division 1 winning lottery tickets in the Saturday Lotto Superdraw! Putting Kalgoorlie on the world map and bringing a sense of civic pride to everyone in the local area, these two daring lottery investors managed to choose every number correctly and have become 2 of the 22 winners, willing to take home their $1.25 Million in personal prize money as a share of the overall jackpot cash pool.

Most lottery players think that winning the game is the hard part, but it seems for some that remembering to collect their money is actually much more difficult! Statistics recently published by the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC) have unveiled more than 890 Million in cash prizes won by players between April 2006 and March 2011 through the lotteries offered by Supreme Ventures Limited (SVL) which did get collected by the winners over the last five years.

When most lottery gamers imagine a winner in their mind, they usually picture someone just like them who won a lottery and brought home a life-changing amount of jackpot cash. Sure, there are plenty of winners like you and you’ve probably been a winner a few times already yourself by now – but most people lose sight of the fact that the stores are big winners as well.

Most lottery players put a lot of thought into which numbers they plan to play in their favorite multimillion dollar drawings. In that way Virginia Fike is like a lot of other lottery gamers. However, as she can tell you, luck still plays as much a role in who wins as skill ever will.

Limoges is a small town outside of Ottawa that Rene and Suzanne Longpre recently put on the map for everyone interested in lottery winners! The couple took home the grand prize jackpot of 11.5 Million dollars during a shopping trip to Walmart thanks to their winning LOTTO 6/49 lottery ticket.