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Latest Lottery News

Councilor Doug Ford is looking for new ways to push the lottery in Toronto to avoid resurrecting failed tax programs while continuing to fund important civic expenses. Recently he explained that the Toronto lottery or a new casino complex could be used to help fund transit projects instead of bringing back a car tax that had slowed the local economy.

Lucky For Life is a brand new multi-state lottery game being presented in New Hampshire with a grand prize that pays out $1,000 per day for life! Instead of a lump sum payout or a 30 year staged jackpot, winners can keep collecting their fortune for many decades a day at a time as long as they live!

Keno is one of the oldest lottery games and fans love it because of the fast paced action. Unlike other lottery ticket games, Keno drawings happen every few minutes, allowing players to enjoy multiple plays each day and watch the results in real-time from anywhere they happen to be. It's a centuries old lottery game and so far it is already available in 13 different states and Washington D.C.

Avid lottery players who keep their finger on the pulse of all lottery news by reading Lotto 365 regularly, may remember our recent story from 26/01/2012 titled Iowa Lottery Puts A Deadline On Jackpot Mystery. As we previously reported, a 2 Million Dollar Lottery jackpot was won but a New York lawyer attempted to claim the prize and wouldn't explain how he became the lottery ticket holder. Now his time has run out and Iowa is enforcing their deadline.

The State of Illinois is about to begin selling lottery tickets online and now the convenience store owners who have had a monopoly on lottery ticket sales for years are getting very nervous about the impact it will have on their own revenue.

Sodeto is a very small village of 250 people in the north of Spain. The town has had a horrible economy for quite a long time and residents faced an overwhelming 23% unemployment until their luck changed.

The local housewives club convinced residents to purchase lottery tickets in the 700 Million Euros El Gordo lottery. That move paid off when the town won 17% of the prize money, totaling just over 120 Million Euros ($158 Million Dollars).

Online lottery players are excitedly waiting for March 25, 2012 to get here. That's the magic date that the Illinois lottery has chosen to launch their state lottery ticket sales online.

“Research suggests there is an enormous market,” said Illinois Lottery Director Michael Jones. “We think we’re going to be able to start selling tickets at the end of March.” In fact, officials expect as many as 500,000 additional players during weeks when the prize has grown to a large enough amount.

For many years gamers have wondered why governments make such a stark distinction between Lotteries and other games of chance. Now many offer Scratch Card games and operate race tracks with large casino game areas. Finally it seems Florida is about to put player convenience at the head of its priority list!

In case you played Powerball and haven't collected your money yet, the winning numbers for February 11, 2012 were: 1, 10, 37, 52, 57, and the Powerball number was 11. Powerball lottery authorities have announced their records show that there was only one winner of the nearly record-setting $336,400,000 jackpot!

A state Senate panel in the State of Michigan approved new legislation designed to target lottery winners who are recipients of any funding from State public assistance programs.

The move follows a recent news story in which a man from Bay County had continue collecting and using welfare program food stamps for almost a full year after he had won a $2,000,000 Make Me Rich lottery game jackpot!