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Latest Lottery News

The recent Western Australian Lotto drawing put gigantic smiles on the faces of 22 players who had the winning lottery numbers for the grand prize $30 Million in jackpot money! That gets them each a cool $1.25 million in new money thanks to their win when they collected their Division 1 prize after the Saturday Lotto Superdraw.

If you just won yourself a cool $10 Million in lottery jackpot money, what's the first thing you might do? Go on vacation? Buy a new home? How about your own yacht? Well. it seems Napier's mystery $10m Lotto winner has a different view of the world from most of us. He stayed true to his promise and went back to work!

The winner is a 50 year old man whose jackpot cashed out at $10,333,000 thanks to a $10m Powerball with a $333,333 slice of the First Division Prize kicker pool.

Australia's newest millionaire is a mystery! A lucky lottery gamer just won 1.3 million and allegedly hails from Perth's northern suburbs but their identity remains unknown at this time. What is known is that the mystery winner got their winning lottery ticket from the Heights Lottery Centre and News in Alexander Heights.

According to a National Lottery Spokesperson the total amount of unclaimed prize money is usually about 2% of all sales in any given year. Presently the lottery is maintaining more than €90 in unclaimed jackpot lottery funds from winners who have failed to collect their prizes during the last five years. 2011 marked the largest windfall for the lottery with nearly €17 million in prizes left uncollected in the accounts of the National Lottery.

The Crossroad Shell station is very appropriately named, because the local gas station became the primary crossroad in the life of one lucky lottery winner thanks to a Quick Pick ticket! The winning Lotto Texas numbers were 13-36-38-45-46-49 and nobody has claimed the prize yet, so be sure to check your own lottery tickets carefully.

Virginia Fike only meant to buy one Powerball and one Mega Millions lottery ticket from the clerk at her local OldeStone Truck Stop & Restaurant in the town of Clear Brook, Virginia.

As news continues to trickle out about the lucky winners of the record-breaking 656 Million dollar Mega Millions jackpot, some of it is undeniably positive. There were three winning tickets sold: one from Kansas, one from Illinois and one from Maryland. Today news broke about the Maryland winning lottery ticket.

If you bought your Mega Millions lottery ticket for the record-breaking 640 Million dollar drawing from the lottery of Illinois, Kansas or Maryland you should check your numbers very carefully because you may have won more than 213 Million dollars in prize money!

Nobody matched all six numbers in last Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing and that's great news for everyone playing the lottery this week! Now the jackpot rises to a record level of $476 million dollars which is enough to change the life of any winner, and even enough to be a life-changing amount for everyone involved in a syndicate or multi-winner scenario.

The Georgia Lottery games used to fund the HOPE scholarship and Pre-K programs may soon be getting a big boost thanks to a new resolution offered by lawmaker Ron Stephens from Savannah. His resolution in the Georgia State House would permit lottery officials to provide new 'video lottery machines' in any area where local officials request them.