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March 18, 2014 - London
In London, the winner for the lotto results for the £107.9m Euromillions lottery is a 41 year old car mechanic; he’s also a racing driver, Neil Trotter who hails from south of London. Trotter runs his Mitcham repair garage he named Chameleon Coachworks, he regularly play lottery and luckily won the jackpot on March 14, 2014, a Friday.

The first jackpot winner for the year 2014 got $750,000 for lotto results for the Multi-Match Maryland Lottery, thought everything was surreal when she learned of the good news on lotto365.
The resident of Prince George’s County stashed her winning ticket inside her Bible, the place she believed to be the safest until it’s time for her to claim the prize. Her winning couldn’t have been timed perfectly as they were about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.

The winning numbers were 1, 14, 15, 23, 27 and 44. and the bonus number was 12.
Winning ticket was sold in Dublin provably in the north.
The biggest Lotto jackpot win in Dublin was in October 2010, when a ticket sold in Donnybrook Fair, Dublin won over €16.3m.

Dublin's biggest jackpot prize of over €16.3m won back in 2010 and sold in Donnybrook Fair.
Recent Irish National Lottery winners from south Dublin picked up their €3.9m prize money after winning the lottery draw 10/23.

In a surprising turn of events, a couple that won the Euromillions lottery last year look to be on the brink of divorce. The couple were set into the limelight when they won 148 million euros at the UK Euromillions lottery in 2012. They are from Suffolk, and are said to be on the brink of finalizing their divorce. In fact, winning the lottery probably added to the already complicated divorce, with a lot more money and many more assets to divide between the two.

If you think you have the luck of the Irish, now is the time to test it out – because the Irish Lotto 6 is heading for an incredible rollover draw. This past week nobody managed to match all six balls, giving you the chance to win €4.5 million. The great thing is you can play Irish lottery online, so you don’t even need to leave the house to buy a ticket.

Lottery experts are predicting a peak in interest in the Irish lottery after it headed for a stunning rollover. It is rare for no player to claim the main prize in the Irish lotto, and

After weeks of rollovers raising the Lotto Max draw prize to 50 Million, finally a winning ticket has been sold and there is only one lucky winner! Lottery officials announced the winner bought the ticket in Ontario and that there were also 4 MaxMillions prize winners as well, with each of those $1 million prizes sold in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and St. John's, Newfoundland respectively.

Two brothers from New York went to claim a 5 Million Dollar prize just days before their winning ticket was set to expert. However, when they made an unusual offer, telling state lottery officials they would take home less than the full amount if they could avoid a news conference - authorities became suspicious.

A 60-year-old seasonal construction worker named Bob Erb has finally won the life-changing amount of money he had always dreamed of taking home with a lottery ticket thanks to the LOTTO MAX drawing!

"I turned around and around and said to myself - It can't be $25,000, there are too many zeros" said Erb. "I put it in again to see if something will go wrong and, holy, it said $25 million!"

The excitement and potential payout continues to grow each week in the Lotto Max jackpot drawing from Canada because once again there was no grand prize winning ticket sold for the last $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

MIT math students have figured out a way to cash in on the Massachusetts Lottery games by forming large well-funded syndicates and buying large batches of tickets in specific games with a strategy that mathematically can't lose. So far they have scammed more than 8 Millions Dollars in jackpots and while the lottery allegedly knew about the scam since 2005, Massachusetts did nothing to prevent it because they were making extra money on the action as well.