Sun 03/29/20

Second Time Lottery Winner Took Home a Whooping Amount of $750,000

Many people who play lottery believe that winning once is all that you can ever get. There is simply no chance that one person can be so lucky to win a second time around. But one extremely lucky individual was able to beat the odds twice.
From Lotto-365 archive, Ronald Pelissero from Gainesville, Georgia is a living proof that people who play lottery can really be in the lottery results twice. If anyone thinks that one person’s chances of winning in the lottery changes after winning the first time, then that is a totally incorrect assumption. As Pelissero experienced, winning $197,930 in 2005 lottery jackpot did not change his chance. As with everyone else, he has the same chance every time he plays the lottery. His past winning and losses did not alter his odds negatively.
A few years after the first lottery win, Pelissero got another lucky streak with the lottery results that gave him a big amount of $750,000 after he played Jingle Jumbo Bucks. The 65 year old lucky fellow was paid fully and he mentioned that he really plays every game whenever he has the chance.
His first winning money was invested in real estate and he also was able to have some good fun. This time around, he told Lotto365 that wants to travel with his family; possibly to New Zealand or Australia. Pelissero has six adult kids, 11 grandkids and his wife is still with him. According to him, they all will enjoy the money and they are all thinking about where they really want to go.
What he is sure though is waiting for the next tax year before cashing out his winning will give him sweeter jackpot payout. He is smart and he knows the money’s there. According to him, there is really no need to panic.
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