Tue 02/18/20

Brooklyn Mother Took Home $13.5 Million Lotto Win

Sharisee Frails, a 42 year old mother from Brooklyn, New York was hit by a bad luck eight years ago when she suffered from a stroke. As Lotto-365 reported, due to the misfortune, Frails was seen riding a red scooter in moving around for her stroke of luck press conference.
Her luck changed when she became a very lucky person to win the lottery. It is indeed a very wonderful and inspiring story. From being a stroke victim to a lucky millionaire, Frails in now happily enjoying a life she had never imagined.
The Brooklyn mom was able to triumphantly beat the odd and brought home an amount of money that can really change her life. Many people play lottery and this woman got so lucky with the Quick Pick automated ticket and the lotto results number combination was 1-15-38-41-50-52 that made her the single winner of the lottery jackpot price of $13.5 Million; an amount that can certainly make her life a very convenient one for the rest of her life.
Frails decided to be paid in one full lump sum amount of $5.7 Million and that made her a rich woman who will never have to worry about making a living and paying her bills.
Stories of luck such as these from Lotto365.com are the reasons why many people play the lottery every day. Luck is indeed hard to come by, but since other people do manage to capture it, there is always that possibility that anyone can be just as lucky as Sharisse Frails.
What makes this story a really amazing one is that it tells of one woman’s struggle to continue living despite what she had been through. Another good thing is that people who play lottery really can win. Lottery is not just all about trying to be lucky to win and waiting for the lotto results every night; it is also all about helping other people.
This success story is brought to you by Lotto365.

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