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Canadian Lottery Winner fights to Maintain Anonimity

Apr 27, 2015, 8:09 am
A $50 million lottery winner waited for a year before collecting his prize. He has yet to be named after over a month as he’s still fighting to remain anonymous.
The winner won in the lotto results for March of 2014 and he just do not want to be identified despite that fact that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has a clear statement that anybody who play lottery should give permission for their photo and name to be published prior to collecting their winning.
The winner, who contacted a lawyer, is prepared for battle to fight for his right to maintain anonymity. He is willing to take the matters in court.
The BCLC has no plans to comment on whether there is a challenge for the identity requirement or not. Some people would really want to remain anonymous after winning big in lottery draws. The most common reason for such request is the concern for an invasion of privacy.
It has been customary though for big lottery winners to pose for pictures holding those huge cheques. The idea is to post the pictures on the lottery websites in order to assure other people that someone has really won the prize.
The statement was clearly written at the back of the ticket and therefore every winner should really get along with that traditional identify revealing ceremony. People who regularly play lottery already know this procedure.
As clearly stated in the BCLC website; they have no obligation to deliver or pay the prize unless the person holding the winning ticket is able to meet the conditions as stated in legal language. This includes the need for the winner to agree to the condition that he gives permission for the company to have his photograph and personal information be published.
According to BCLC, the agreement protects the integrity of the entire gaming and lottery business, as they need to maintain transparency and openness. That is why lotto results are announced live anyway.

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