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$9 Million Winners Splash Out on Random Acts of Kindness

31 March 2015
The winners of the Powerball prize of $9.1 million Powerball from a ticket purchased in Auckland collected their prize.
The new winners, who play lottery regularly, have a clear idea as to what they would do with the money. While most lottery winners will surely buy a new house, a new car and will do some travelling, these winners are a bit unique in such a way that they will splash out on a very unique and unselfish act – to help out other people.
The winners wish to maintain anonymity and they said that they were at home that Saturday night and relaxing when they learned that the lotto ticket in their possession was a winning ticket.
The husband said that he checked the ticket against the lotto results and he just couldn’t believe it that the numbers matched up. To clear his head, he headed out to the garden for some fresh air. He stood out there as he stared into the night sky and trying to collect his thoughts. At that time, the wife was on her way home.
The wife said that she was listening to the car radio when it was announced that the $9 million prize has been won. She was thinking that it must have been nice to win that and then she forgot about it.
As soon as she got home, she was handed the ticket and it was then that she realised that they were the big winners announced on the radio. Her husband first asked her to check the lotto results at lotto-365 and she did so for several times and then it was all clear that the $9 million prize was theirs.
They knew that the money should be used in meaningful ways and since they both believed in doing random acts of kindness that was the first thing that came to their minds when they discovered their luck. The plan was to spend some of the money in changing other people’s lives and they will play lottery like they used to.

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