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Winner of $6.5 Million could not bear to check the Ticket

20 January 2015
The couple from Palmerston North, who regularly play lottery, debated on what they should do with the winning ticket in their hands for several days before finally coming forward to claim their prize of $6.5 Million.
The man checked his ticket against the lotto results following the Wednesday draw and he realised right away that he got four winning numbers. He then hid the ticket and did not check the rest. He said that he just couldn’t bear to continue checking the succeeding numbers.
He thought that there is not really any chance that he could have won the big prize. Thus, he decided to tuck the winning ticket away so that he could hold the excitement for as long as he can.
He then told his partner of what happened and that started the debate. They talked about whether they should finish checking the rest of the numbers or not. The winner just wanted to leave the ticket unchecked for maybe a month or so as he wanted to keep the dream of the win alive for a little while longer.
Of course, he was the only one who felt that way. Everyone else wanted to check the rest of the numbers. Thus, he hid his ticket and refused to reveal its hiding place.
The news of the big win started to spread though and as the pieces come together – a Palmerston North resident who play lottery won the ticket and the ticket was bought from Countdown Rangitikei Street – he finally decided to check the rest of the number two days later.
They checked the lotto results at and saw that the rest of the numbers matched the winning combination. And so, the couple went to the lotto store and confirmed that they have indeed won. It took them a while though before they were able to head up to the head office to claim their prize as they were really stunned by the news.

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