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Auckland man Won $9 Million and Forgot All About his Lunch

28 November 2014
A man from Auckland, who regularly play lottery with lotto365, discovered that he won a whooping $9 Million while he was on his way to work and picking up his lunch. He was checking his Big Wednesday ticket at the same.
The winner wishes to maintain anonymity said he just couldn’t believe it when ‘First Division winner’ popped up when he scanned his ticket. He announced that he stood there blinking for a while before he decided to scan another ticket for the lotto results and it came out as the ‘Second Division winner’.
Two winnings in a row and that were too much for any man to handle. He then decided to hand the tickets to the Lotto assistant to be checked with the lotto results at lotto-365. After a while the retailer stepped out from the counter and shook his hand and it was only then that the winner really realised that he really did win.
He said that as soon as the retailer shook his hand and handed him a piece of paper where the total amount of his winnings was indicated.
The winner was so stunned that he had totally forgotten about his lunch. He also mentioned that even though he had always dreamed of winning big, he never actually thought that it would really happen. The dream has certainly become a reality.
The winner has already a few ideas as to how he’s going to spend some of his money. He will buy a new car and a new home. He also said that he will not quit from his job as he loves it so much and he might go a little crazy if he retire now. His job will keep him busy and the money will make life so much better and easier. He won a total of $9,087,689 - $9M for the First Division and the rest for the Second Division. That winning though will not prevent him to play lottery more.
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