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Home is where the cat is for Napier Lotto winner

31 October 2014
A man from Napier along with his partner and cat are all excited to move into their own home after their ticket matched the lotto results for the Lotto First Division for $500,000 on the weekend.
The winner watched the live Saturday night draw for the lotto results and he said that he had to check the ticket for a few times again and again before the reality that he won the major prize finally sunk in.
According to the Napier man, he had to really check and then double check the numbers before he slowly realised that he did win big time.
The winner, who regularly play lottery, asked not to be identified and wishes to maintain anonymity, and during the time of discovering that he won he couldn’t really contain his excitement and so he decided to share the news of his win with someone
He laughingly said that when he found out that he won, it was just the cat that was with him at home, so he told his cat.
After that momentary bout of madness and when he felt that he had the information off his chest, he picked up the telephone and shared the good news with his partner.
When his partner learned of the good news, she couldn’t believe it and she constantly had to remind herself that they have really won.
The great news came perfectly from as the couple was planning to buy a place where they can live together. They have been looking for a while and have yet to find the perfect place. According to the winner, the first thing that they did the following morning was to visit some open homes within their neighborhood and they hope that they will find the ideal home for them soon. They promised, as well that they will continue to play lottery.
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