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Irish Lottery Winners Anonymously Claim their €86m EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

Sep 30, 2014
The newest millionaires in Ireland claimed the €86.7 million (equivalent to US$109.2 million) prize and they have decided to stay anonymous as of now.
National Lottery confirmed that a syndicate from Dublin already had collected their EuroMillions wealth from the Dublin center offices yesterday.
After the lotto results of Friday draw were revealed on lotto-365, it was announced that the big €86.7m winning prize was already won and it was in Ireland. That prize was recorded as the third biggest winning for the National Lottery history.
The winning lottery ticket was €6 quick pick; though, the National Lottery announces that it has no plans to reveal the details about the selling outlet until later.
The winners, who regularly play lottery, announced that they are on top of the world and said that they are keeping their winning private.
Due to the secrecy, rumors have spread as to where the ticket, that matched the lotto results, was possibly purchased. Speculation arose that the winning ticket may have sold somewhere in Donabate area in Dublin’s north county. Following that rumor, shops located in that area started to deny that they sold the winning ticket.
This is what usually happens when lottery winners decide to keep their identities a secret, which is of course their privilege. According to a staff of a Centra store, they really heard nothing as to the exact location where the ticket was purchased. They were obviously as baffled as everyone else.
In her statement, the staff named Angela Kuzmits said that nobody has said anything to them. Rumors have spread that they sold the winning ticket but she was so sure that it was not them because they would surely have known if it were. As nobody said anything, they cannot claim that the winner play lottery from their store and that they have sold the winning ticket.

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