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£389k Lotto Jackpot Prize Remains Unclaimed in Colchester

June 2014
An astonishing share of a Lotto jackpot, amounting to £389,998, from a ticket purchased in Colchester has yet to be claimed. People who regularly play lottery from National Lottery are now being urged to carefully check and then double-check the tickets in their possessions as one of them are surely holding the piece of paper that contains the jackpot prize.
The ticket matched the lotto results of six numbers (3, 7, 13, 17, 27, 40 plus bonus ball 19) in the June 21, 2014 draw. The ticket holder has the chance to collect his winnings until December 18, 2014, or else the prize money including all generated interest will be donated to help with the projects of the National Lottery.
According to a National Lottery spokesperson, they are very keen to find the unknown ticket-holder and join them with their money – this astonishing prize could certainly make an enormous difference to that person’s life. Thus, they are really urging everyone who play lottery in that area to check the old tickets that they have.
This is not the first this happened as there were times when tickets get misplaced and the forgotten. It is therefore suggested that people check their wallets, bags, clothes pockets and even their sofas. Someone may be literally sitting on a huge amount of money.
In an attempt to jog the memory of the mysterious winner, it has been recalled that on the same day of the Lotto draw, the World Cup result was 1-0 with Argentina beating Iran. At the same time, the You Can Always Hand Them Back production was also performed at the Mercury Theater in Colchester.
In case the winner discovered their ticket or realized that their numbers matched the lotto results within the allotted 180 day deadline, they can call the National Lottery at 0845 910 0000.
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