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Tauranga Man Leaves $100,000 Instant Kiwi Ticket Sitting on Kitchen Bench

22 May 2014
Many people play lottery and several win like a man from Tauranga who won the Instant Kiwi prize of $100,000 and he had the ticket sit on his kitchen bench. This is a true story.
The winner bought the winning ticket at lotto365 while he was away on a holiday. The ticket was on his possession for a few days before he finally remembered to scratch it. According to him, it kind of slipped his mind that he had to scratch the ticket. He further explained that after buying the ticket, he popped it in a bag for safety. That ticket stayed there and the man had no idea that he had been carrying a piece of paper - that is worth too much – around.
A few days later, after he remembered to scratch the ticket, he saw that it revealed a huge prize. He did not believe it the first time, though the ticket has the winning lotto results spelling out the he won. He called his partner to come over and double check. She saw what he saw and both of them couldn’t believe that they were winners.
The funny thing was that they were already winners but they also were not sure about that fact. The ticket was placed on the kitchen bench and they decided to check the shops the next days to be sure.
The next day visit to the local Lotto outlet and another look at the lotto results confirmed that they won. The winner laughingly announced that winning that amount is just a kind of unbelievable feeling. They celebrated that night at home with gin and tonics.
The reality of winning may have yet to sink in, but the winner has a clear idea of how he wants to spend all that money. He mentioned that a holiday for him and his partner is already booked for a later date in the year and with the new money, he will be able to upgrade that holiday now. Additionally, they announced that they will not stop to play lottery at lotto-365.

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