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Neil Trotter Named £108m Euromillions Lottery Winner

March 18, 2014 - London
In London, the winner for the lotto results for the £107.9m Euromillions lottery is a 41 year old car mechanic; he’s also a racing driver, Neil Trotter who hails from south of London. Trotter runs his Mitcham repair garage he named Chameleon Coachworks, he regularly play lottery and luckily won the jackpot on March 14, 2014, a Friday.
It seemed that Trotter was very confident that he would bag the prize and he told people on lunchtime Friday lunchtime that he would be a multi-millionaire by that time the following day. A bit creepy, but he prediction was proved right.
The lucky ticket he had made him the fourth’s biggest winner of the National Lottery and the year’s first EuroMillions jackpot winner who came from the UK.
Just because he is a millionaire, Trotter plans to retire being a mechanic and he intends to go for his passion for British car racing, and of course, he will continue to play lottery and follow results on lotto365.
According to trotters, he is taking some time off and he’s just going to devote his time in enjoying the British Touring Car Championships. It is his passion and he added that he wouldn’t mind to be a guest driver if he can find the most suitable car.
As a single winner of the game’s lotto results, Trotter took the massive jackpot and his first plan is replacing his Ford Focus with supercars and of course he will need a larger garage space that only a new house can provide.
Trotter also said that he always knew that he’s bound for greatness and he knew that he would eventually win big time. He added that he had been getting that unusual lucky feeling since the week started and his instinct proved to be right.
As he recalled the moment that led to him knowing of his winning, he said that his partner told him to shut up and stop being and idiot. He was apparently acting weird as he kept walking around the house looking as white as a ghost. He almost couldn’t sleep that night and he called Camelot first thing in the morning.
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