Tue 03/31/20

Lucky Lottery Player Hits First Multi-Match Jackpot of 2014

The first jackpot winner for the year 2014 got $750,000 for lotto results for the Multi-Match Maryland Lottery, thought everything was surreal when she learned of the good news on lotto365.
The resident of Prince George’s County stashed her winning ticket inside her Bible, the place she believed to be the safest until it’s time for her to claim the prize. Her winning couldn’t have been timed perfectly as they were about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
The winner is a devoted Multi-Match player and she regularly play lottery for $2 game every week. According to her, she had always been close to winning the jackpot before and she always missed. But not this time! This time she nailed it!
She has certainly changed her luck that day she purchased a $10 ticket. In the Multi-Match game, for every $2 game a player plays, it is optional to choose the first line of six numbers. The terminal can also quick pick the numbers. The players automatically get two extra lines of the six randomly chosen numbers. The winner on the news opted to choose her own numbers for all the five games she paid for. After the draw, she quickly checked her numbers and saw that her choices of the numbers in the third game perfectly matched the draw’s winning lotto results.
The winner and her husband decided to keep the luck they got a secret. She plans to continue with her job in the healthcare industry as she has been doing for the last 22 years. She said that her decision is based on the fact that she enjoys her job, but she will surely continue to play lottery.
As with the money, they will pay off their bills, go on a vacation and help their loved ones financially. Though childless, the couple love taking care of their relative’s children and they intend to help provide for them.

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