Sat 04/04/20

Couple Who Won 148 million pound UK Lottery Getting Divorced

In a surprising turn of events, a couple that won the Euromillions lottery last year look to be on the brink of divorce. The couple were set into the limelight when they won 148 million euros at the UK Euromillions lottery in 2012. They are from Suffolk, and are said to be on the brink of finalizing their divorce. In fact, winning the lottery probably added to the already complicated divorce, with a lot more money and many more assets to divide between the two.

Euromillions Winners:

Fifteen months ago the Bayfords were on top of the world. After having gone through most of their lives with modest earnings, they well and truly landed the jackpot by winning 148 million euros. This was a huge change in both of their lives, but at the time they looked as though they would cope just fine. In fact, they had spoken quite calmly about how they would try to use the money to better their family, and how they would enjoy the time they had together with greater zeal and enthusiasm. They wanted to remain normal and down-to-earth people, but knew that they money would allow them to work less and enjoy life more.

As it turns out, winning the lottery can bring its fair share of pressures. Adrian Bayford had to close down his beloved music shop, because people kept coming there asking him for loans and handouts. He was hounded to such an extent that he shut down the store temporarily, and will probably close it permanently.


When the couple first won their money, they bought a six million pound mansion where they both planned to live together for the rest of their lives. Fifteen months later, Gillian Bayford is the only one who is living there. Her husband Adrian has bought a comparatively smaller 500,000 pound mansion for himself. Gillian confirmed that her marriage were beyond repair, and that she just wanted to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable life with her kids.

Dividing Up Lottery Winnings:

Having to divide lottery winnings among divorcing or divorced couples is nothing new. In fact, there are cases in the United Kingdom where ex wives and husbands have gone to court in a bid to get a share of the lottery winnings of their ex-spouse. Most of these cases have been successful.

While it is certain that the Bayfords will continue to enjoy their lottery winnings separately, one does hope that they find a way to save their marriage.

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