Sun 03/29/20

Ontario Lottery Sells Winning 50 Million Lotto Max Draw Jackpot Ticket

After weeks of rollovers raising the Lotto Max draw prize to 50 Million, finally a winning ticket has been sold and there is only one lucky winner! Lottery officials announced the winner bought the ticket in Ontario and that there were also 4 MaxMillions prize winners as well, with each of those $1 million prizes sold in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and St. John's, Newfoundland respectively.

The winnings have gone unclaimed so far and as with all lottery wins the prize does have an expiration date on it. So, if you purchased a ticket in the recent Lotto Max, and got it from an Ontario vendor, please be sure to double-check your numbers. They just might be the life-changing numerals you have been looking for all along!

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