Sat 04/04/20

From Pot to Jackpot - Activist Wins 25 Million!

A 60-year-old seasonal construction worker named Bob Erb has finally won the life-changing amount of money he had always dreamed of taking home with a lottery ticket thanks to the LOTTO MAX drawing!

"I turned around and around and said to myself - It can't be $25,000, there are too many zeros" said Erb. "I put it in again to see if something will go wrong and, holy, it said $25 million!"

Before winning the lottery, Erb was best known as a leader of the Terrace community because of his campaigns to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. He ran as the candidate from the B.C. Marijuana Party in 2001. Now, with his new fortune, Erb says he plans to help friends and family first and then says he will give money to Terrace soup kitchens, food banks, shelters and other local charitable organizations.

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