Tue 03/31/20

50 Million Still Up For Grabs In Next Lotto Max Jackpot Drawing

The excitement and potential payout continues to grow each week in the Lotto Max jackpot drawing from Canada because once again there was no grand prize winning ticket sold for the last $50 million Lotto Max jackpot.

The lottery did announce that two Maxmillion prizes of 1 million each were claimed by winners, and while the main grand prize caps at $50 Million where it will be once again this week, the added excitment and increase amount of players seeking that main prize is created a much bigger pool for the MaxMillion secondary prizes which will now be an estimated $14 Million in money at much easier odds of winning as well!

Some fans shy away from lotteries like Lotto Max because the main prize caps and they feel they aren't getting the best return on an investment, but true lotto pros understand that the secondary prize pool increases at easier odds make this an even smarter play each week as long as the main prize remains unclaimed.

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