Sat 04/04/20

Western Australian Lotto Sells 22 Winning Tickets For $30 Million In Prize Money

The recent Western Australian Lotto drawing put gigantic smiles on the faces of 22 players who had the winning lottery numbers for the grand prize $30 Million in jackpot money! That gets them each a cool $1.25 million in new money thanks to their win when they collected their Division 1 prize after the Saturday Lotto Superdraw.

Two of the winning tickets were sold at Lionel Street IGA in Kalgoorlie, prompting the store owner, Mr. Brett Turner, to point out that "It helps the community realize you can win just have to be in it" and his words were also proven true by another 266,000 winners who took their own share of the secondary prizes including 29 people who each earned a Division 2 prize worth $8,548 thanks to their lucky numbers.

Of course most players prefer to focus on their own prize pool, but we would be skipping a large part of the story if we did not also mention that Lotterywest has managed to simultaneously raise more than $5 million for the local community from lottery gaming. Which just goes to show you, that with lottery and scratch off ticket games there really aren't any 'losing' tickets. Either you win, someone else wins, or everyone wins thanks to the community fund raising these fun and strategic games of chance provide!

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