Sun 03/29/20

Update: Iowa Putting 2 Million Extra Jackpot Money In Play From Mystery Winner

Avid lottery players who keep their finger on the pulse of all lottery news by reading Lotto 365 regularly, may remember our recent story from 26/01/2012 titled Iowa Lottery Puts A Deadline On Jackpot Mystery. As we previously reported, a 2 Million Dollar Lottery jackpot was won but a New York lawyer attempted to claim the prize and wouldn't explain how he became the lottery ticket holder. Now his time has run out and Iowa is enforcing their deadline.

"We're going to see if we can have better luck the second time around" said Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich in a prepared statement. The "summer bonus" for Lottery players, he noted would be an excellent way to bring extra excitement to the annual Iowa State Fair by offering a one time $1 million prize as well.

Meanwhile, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation and the Iowa Attorney General's office are investigating the situation involving the initial winning ticket, especially to see if any crimes were committed by New York attorney Crawford Shaw who attempted to claim the prize on behalf of a complicated trust.

One of the most bizarre stories ever to come out of a winning lottery moment continues to unravel and Lotto 365 will update you with more facts as soon as they are announced by officials.

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