Sat 04/04/20

Breaking News: $476 Million Dollar Mega Millions Record Jackpot At Stake

Nobody matched all six numbers in last Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing and that's great news for everyone playing the lottery this week! Now the jackpot rises to a record level of $476 million dollars which is enough to change the life of any winner, and even enough to be a life-changing amount for everyone involved in a syndicate or multi-winner scenario.

The unchosen winning numbers last week were: 9, 19, 34, 44, 51 with a Mega Ball of 24. The "Megaplier" chosen was the number 3 for anyone smart enough to play an extra dollar to maximize their winning prize money. These numbers are very important because Mega Millions has never had the same numbers drawn two weeks in a row... so if you planned to play exactly this set of numbers, you'll want to mix up your draw a bit.

Last Tuesday there were 47 winning tickets that managed to match five numbers, but not the Mega ball according to Mega Millions. That meant each of the winners is taking home $250,000 without cleaning out the massive jackpot prize.

The odds of picking all six numbers are 1 in 175 million, but if you win it all you take home 476 Million making this the best time ever to get in on all the action by selecting your own winning numbers and investing in a Mega Millions lottery ticket online today!

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