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Many people who play lottery believe that winning once is all that you can ever get. There is simply no chance that one person can be so lucky to win a second time around. But one extremely lucky individual was able to beat the odds twice.

Sharisee Frails, a 42 year old mother from Brooklyn, New York was hit by a bad luck eight years ago when she suffered from a stroke. As Lotto-365 reported, due to the misfortune, Frails was seen riding a red scooter in moving around for her stroke of luck press conference.
Her luck changed when she became a very lucky person to win the lottery. It is indeed a very wonderful and inspiring story. From being a stroke victim to a lucky millionaire, Frails in now happily enjoying a life she had never imagined.

Apr 27, 2015, 8:09 am
A $50 million lottery winner waited for a year before collecting his prize. He has yet to be named after over a month as he’s still fighting to remain anonymous.
The winner won in the lotto results for March of 2014 and he just do not want to be identified despite that fact that the British Columbia Lottery Corporation has a clear statement that anybody who play lottery should give permission for their photo and name to be published prior to collecting their winning.

31 March 2015
The winners of the Powerball prize of $9.1 million Powerball from a ticket purchased in Auckland collected their prize.
The new winners, who play lottery regularly, have a clear idea as to what they would do with the money. While most lottery winners will surely buy a new house, a new car and will do some travelling, these winners are a bit unique in such a way that they will splash out on a very unique and unselfish act – to help out other people.

20 January 2015
The couple from Palmerston North, who regularly play lottery, debated on what they should do with the winning ticket in their hands for several days before finally coming forward to claim their prize of $6.5 Million.
The man checked his ticket against the lotto results following the Wednesday draw and he realised right away that he got four winning numbers. He then hid the ticket and did not check the rest. He said that he just couldn’t bear to continue checking the succeeding numbers.

28 November 2014
A man from Auckland, who regularly play lottery with lotto365, discovered that he won a whooping $9 Million while he was on his way to work and picking up his lunch. He was checking his Big Wednesday ticket at the same.
The winner wishes to maintain anonymity said he just couldn’t believe it when ‘First Division winner’ popped up when he scanned his ticket. He announced that he stood there blinking for a while before he decided to scan another ticket for the lotto results and it came out as the ‘Second Division winner’.

31 October 2014
A man from Napier along with his partner and cat are all excited to move into their own home after their ticket matched the lotto results for the Lotto First Division for $500,000 on the weekend.
The winner watched the live Saturday night draw for the lotto results and he said that he had to check the ticket for a few times again and again before the reality that he won the major prize finally sunk in.
According to the Napier man, he had to really check and then double check the numbers before he slowly realised that he did win big time.

Sep 30, 2014
The newest millionaires in Ireland claimed the €86.7 million (equivalent to US$109.2 million) prize and they have decided to stay anonymous as of now.
National Lottery confirmed that a syndicate from Dublin already had collected their EuroMillions wealth from the Dublin center offices yesterday.
After the lotto results of Friday draw were revealed on lotto-365, it was announced that the big €86.7m winning prize was already won and it was in Ireland. That prize was recorded as the third biggest winning for the National Lottery history.

June 2014
An astonishing share of a Lotto jackpot, amounting to £389,998, from a ticket purchased in Colchester has yet to be claimed. People who regularly play lottery from National Lottery are now being urged to carefully check and then double-check the tickets in their possessions as one of them are surely holding the piece of paper that contains the jackpot prize.

22 May 2014
Many people play lottery and several win like a man from Tauranga who won the Instant Kiwi prize of $100,000 and he had the ticket sit on his kitchen bench. This is a true story.