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In years past, lottery players were restricted to their own local lotteries if they wanted a chance to win big. Now, thanks to the internet and the evolving lottery rules of many top paying games in a variety of countries, you can purchase real lottery tickets online and have the same chance of winning as if you walked into a local storefront and bought a lottery ticket from a sales clerk. When lotteries compete with each other for your gaming attention you win! Many countries and localities are now improving your odds, raising payouts and adding additional bonus chances to win as they continue to do their best to convince you to play in their game of chance instead of one of the many others available. Lotto-365.com helps you decide which games are best by providing you with detailed reviews of all the most popular lottery opportunities.

National Lotteries Worldwide

Powerball is America’s most popular multi-state lottery game. Every week millions of eager players line up to purchase tickets in hopes of winning the enormous jackpot. The unclaimed winnings roll over to the next game and it’s quite common to have the Powerball jackpot at well over a hundred million dollars! Over 40 US jurisdictions participate in the Powerball which makes it truly a nationwide gaming experience.

The US Mega Millions is a United States based lottery that is not tied in to any one particular state. Mega Millions can be played in any state in the country, as well as being open to international participants. The Mega Millions lottery offers players the chance to win up to 87 million dollars, along with smaller prizes.

The Pick is Arizona’s $1.00 US jackpot game. Each Jackpot starts at $1 million US dollars and keeps on growing until someone wins it all. There is no limit to how large the jackpot can grow but if there are multiple winners in the same week the jackpot gets split among all of you evenly. The Pick uses a Match 6 format and asks players to choose numbers between 1 and 44, but also has an added chance to win thanks to the Extra! lottery option players can buy as added insurance on every investment.

Year round sunshine and gorgeous beaches aren’t the only major attractions when it comes to the California lifestyle. The Super Lotto is something Californians look forward to each and every week. It is the main lottery game in the state and it’s easy to see why. The minimum jackpot payout is a staggering $7 million USD and it grows each time the lotto isn’t won! The game is played every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 7:57 p.m. Pacific time.

Over the past thirty years the Colorado Lottery has become so popular it’s paid out over $3.4 billion in cold, hard cash to lucky winners! The Colorado Lotto game is the most popular and the starting jackpot is a life-changing $1 million. With a rollover option the jackpot possibilities are endless! Simply choose the right six numbers and you could be the next big Colorado Lottery winner!

The CT Classic Lotto is the game of choice for Connecticut residents. The jackpot starts at $1 million and grows every few days until the big prize is won. There are several ways to win prizes and the drawings are held twice each week on WCCT-TV! The CT Lotto is super easy to play, all you have to do is correctly match the six winning numbers and the jackpot is yours!

Florida has one of the most popular lottery systems in the United States. The massive jackpots and the easy-to-play games are a huge draw for the states’s gaming residents. The most popular game is the Florida Lotto. The prize begins at $2 million and it rolls over each time a jackpot isn’t won. Florida Lotto is drawn twice each week on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

Every Wednesday and Saturday millions of Americans tune into their television sets to watch the live Illinois Lottery drawing. It is the only state to have a nationwide televised lottery drawing broadcasted on WGN America. Jackpots are paid out as either a lump sum (at a smaller amount) or in a 26-year annuity installment agreement.

The Hoosier Lotto is the only lottery in the United States that uses the state’s nickname. It is Indiana’s most popular lottery game featuring huge jackpots and an easy-to-play system. The Hoosier Lotto is also the only lottery in the country to award a prize for matching just two of the six numbers! It only costs a dollar for your chance to win so pick up your Hoosier Lotto tickets now!

The hardworking people of Kansas gather around their tv sets three times each week to see if their lives are about to change forever. They have their Super Kansas Cash lottery tickets in hand and the winning numbers are about to be drawn. At 9:05 all six numbers are displayed up on the screen. If a player matches all six the big Kansas jackpot is theirs! Super Kansas Cash starts at a jackpot of $100,000 and rolls over each time the game does not have a winner.

Lotto is the flagship game of the Louisiana Lottery. The Lotto game offers a starting Match 6 minimum cash jackpot of $250,000 US that keeps growing every week until it's won! Lotto also pays out Match 5, Match 4 and Match 3 prizes for players as well which bring your overall odds of winning all the way down to just 1 in 30. The chance to win millions of dollars and a risk that small are definitely worth looking into more deeply.

The Massachusetts Cash Winfall is the most popular lottery in the state’s massive arsenal of lotto games. The unique part about this Winfall game is the way the prize is paid out. Unlike most state lottery games which require annuity payments Winfall always pays out in one giant “winfall” sum! This means when you hit the Cash Winfall you are an instant millionaire!

Megabucks is an easy to learn lottery game in the state of Massachusetts. It operates on a rollover system so if no one matches all six numbers the jackpot rolls to the next game. This means Megabucks can build a substantial prize over time! Megabucks only costs $1 to play and there are many additional prizes besides the big jackpot.

and today it’s the most popular lotto game in Michigan. Classic Lotto 47 drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday evening live on local television. Jackpots start out at $1 million and build up every time the correct six numbers haven’t been matched. When the jackpot rolls to the next game the big prize can quickly get into the tens of millions!

The Missouri Lotto is the state’s original and most popular lottery game. The jackpot is always at least $1 million but if no one selects all six numbers correctly the prize rolls over to the next play. With twice a week drawings the grand prize can quickly get into the tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars! You can’t win if you don’t play so check out the Missouri Lotto and get your tickets today!

New Jersey lotto lovers play the NJ Pick 6 lottery twice every week in hopes of becoming the state’s next big millionaire. Every Monday and Thursday players tune into their television sets to watch the six winning numbers pull up. Lotto jackpots start at a whopping $2 million each time and the prize rolls over to the next drawing every time a game isn’t won.

It’s no surprise that the New York Lottery is one of America’s largest lotto companies. Home of the Big Apple New York’s lottery was the second US state to develop a full lotto system. New York lottery games sell more tickets than any other North American lottery organization. The two most popular games in New York are the Mega Millions Lotto and the Sweet Million Lottery. The state also participates in the nationwide Powerball game.

The New York Sweet Million Lotto is a state specific lottery based on six matching numbers. This game allows players to pick any number between 1 and 40, with 10 picks available on each card. Unlike some number match games, the Sweet Million Lotto awards a flat rate of one million dollars to anyone matching six numbers.

The Ohio Classic Lotto game selects six numbers per drawing. This lottery game has a grand prize jackpot that gets larger and larger as it goes unclaimed. The drawings occur three times a week, and $100,000 is added to the jackpot each drawing that has no top winner.

The Oregon Lottery Megabucks game is offered in the state of Oregon. The game is played by matching between three and six numbers on the lottery ticket. You can choose any number from 1 to 48 in order to win. Each ticket allows you to pick two sets of numbers, and you can add additional sets as you spend more on the ticket.

The U.S. Hot Lotto, run by the same organization that handles the Powerball lottery, is available in 15 different states. The Multi-State Lottery Association oversees issuing the lottery tickets and drawing the numbers. The player picks five numbers and a sixth Hot Ball number in an attempt to win the jackpot.

Megabucks Plus is a tri-state lottery program that includes Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire. By allowing three states to participate the prizes can grow to be larger than traditional state lottos. The jackpot starts at $1 million and every time a prize is not claimed the jackpot amount increases by $50,000. The drawing occurs twice each week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 7:59 p.m. EST. Players must be 18 or older to participate.

The Washington State Lotto is the biggest game in the state’s lottery arsenal. The Washington State Lotto also operates the scratch off tickets, Hit 5, Keno and Daily Game Match 4. Jackpots at the State Lotto start off at $1 million and they roll over every time the grand prize has not been awarded. The jackpot amounts vary depending on how many tickets are sold for each game. Over the years the Washington Lotto has paid out over $1.5 billion in prizes!

The Wisconsin Lotto is a fairly new drawing compared to most state lotteries. The goal was to generate revenue that would be put toward property tax relief within the state of Wisconsin. The lottery runs twice per week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. local time. Players must be 18 or older to participate. Winnings can be issued in a lump sum or an annuity agreement. As with most lottos if you choose the lump sum the payout is approximately 50% of the amount you would receive if you chose the installments. Prizes must be claimed within 180 days.

The Belgium Lotto is the biggest lottery game offered by the Belgium National Lottery, known as the Loterie Nationale. This particular game first took place in 1978 and quickly became popular due to the large draws. Winnings start off at 1 million Euros and can quickly grow to multi-millions. The game is played twice per week, once on Wednesday and again on Saturday. To make it even more appealing the winnings are awarded in a lump sum rather than in payments.

The most popular lottery game in Honk Kong is the Mark 6 Lotto. During each drawing one or two popular residents come forward to oversee the event. The stakes can become so high at some points the Mark 6 Lotto sells 24 million games. That’s an amazing amount of games coming from a population of just 7 million!

The South Africa Lotto is the most popular lottery game in the country. It is played all across the nation every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 p.m. local time. There are seven ways to win this fast-paced lotto and if you’re having trouble picking the numbers you can use their quick pick option. At a cost of only R3.50 per line it’s easy to see how the entire nation joins in to participate in the exciting South African National Lotto!

The South Africa Powerball Lotto is not only the most popular lottery game in South Africa but it is also the one with the highest payouts. Twice each week the Powerball results are viewable live on South African television at 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Jackpots are typically over R 1,000,000 and it’s only R 3.50 to play!

Oz Lotto has a base chance of winning the major jackpot that looks rather difficult to overcome at 1:45,379,620 - however, the lottery also offers two supplemental numbers and seven smaller prizes every draw, so while your chance of hitting the big jackpot or somewhat smaller than other places you might play, the chance of taking home a smaller prize are actually quite good and the syndicate team gaming options described below make Oz Lottery gaming a solid choice for anyone looking to join forces with friends or family.

Australia’s Powerball Lottery is just one of many games offered by the friendly down-under country. Powerball happens to be a country-wide lottery game rather than an in-state Australian lotto game. This fast action lotto takes place once per week all across the country every Thursday evening at 6:28 p.m. The lucky winner gets to take home their winnings in one tax-free lump sum. It doesn’t get any better than the Australian Powerball!

Tattslotto is just one of several Australian lottery game offerings available. Also called the Australian Saturday Lotto, Tattslotto is a countrywide lotto game, which means anyone can participate, rather than in-state games. Depending on where in the country a person is this lottery has several regional names. In Victoria and the Northern Territories it is known as Tattslotto. Queenslands calls it the Gold Lotto and in New South Wales and Southwestern Australia it is simply called the Saturday Lotto. The lottery is drawn every Saturday night at 6:28 p.m.

The Wednesday Gold Lotto is a favorite among Aussie lotto players. It is one of the old time favorite lottos run by the Queensland Lottery Company. The Australian Gold Lotto is the traditional Wednesday Lotto but several states within Australia also have their own versions of a “Wednesday Lottery.” Each Wednesday at 8:45 Queensland time hopeful ticket holders tune into the live drawing to see if they are Australia’s next big millionaire!