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In years past, lottery players were restricted to their own local lotteries if they wanted a chance to win big. Now, thanks to the internet and the evolving lottery rules of many top paying games in a variety of countries, you can purchase real lottery tickets online and have the same chance of winning as if you walked into a local storefront and bought a lottery ticket from a sales clerk. When lotteries compete with each other for your gaming attention you win! Many countries and localities are now improving your odds, raising payouts and adding additional bonus chances to win as they continue to do their best to convince you to play in their game of chance instead of one of the many others available. Lotto-365.com helps you decide which games are best by providing you with detailed reviews of all the most popular lottery opportunities.

National Lotteries Worldwide

The Brazilian lottery, called Mega Sena is a national staple in this tropical South American country and is by far the most popular lotto game in all of Brazil. It is such a big deal many players of Mega Sena come from outside the country, just to get in on a piece of the exciting lotto action. All of this international attention leads to larger prizes! Mega Sena offers R$ multi-million jackpots players can participate in twice a week.

Brazil is becoming a lottery powerhouse in recent years and the addition of the Quina Lotto jackpot is building on the Brazilian momentum beautifully! Players win by correctly matching 5 numbers from a range of 1-80 and can take home secondary prizes with two other jackpot prize categories for getting just three or four correct numbers. The Quina jackpot starts at $R300,000 and unlike some other games, there is absolutely no rollover cap so every week without a winner means a bigger bang for your buck next week!

The Mega da Virada lottery of Brazil is responsible for some of the largest jackpot wins in South American lottery history. A massive R$194.3 million prize in 2010 surpassed the earlier record of R$144.9 million from 2009. The 2012 jackpot has been set at R$230 million for the annual New Year’s Eve draw on December 31 and now the 2013 grand prize is starting up all over again!

Your Dupla Sena lottery ticket uses your luckiest six numbers to double your winning odds because their are TWO lottery jackpots in every new draw! Just pick six numbers out of 50 enter them into two separate draws for twice the fun as you pursue six different cash prizes Tuesday and Friday every week!

Euro Millions takes lottery games to a whole new level by pooling the players of several European countries into one gigantic lotto game that goes beyond anything any single national lottery might hope to create. Euro Millions drawings take place twice every week, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Whereas all national lotteries are limited by the number of residents in each particular country, Euro Millions goes above and beyond international borders to create the largest lottery on the planet with jackpots as high as 185 million Euros for a single winner!

EuroJackpot is a lottery game that spans several European countries with a once per week drawing on Friday nights. The game rules and participating countries are very similar to the wildly successful EuroMillions as one of the new breed of jackpot lottery games that benefits from a huge pool of players from many countries, and that's why the top prizes are so much larger than single country lotteries can get. The EuroJackpot lottery has a rollover that enables the jackpot to increase in value and get as high as €90 million. So if big money is your goal, this is a game worth playing!

Lottery night in Turkey is always an exciting one when you play Loto Sayisal! Select the right six numbers and you could be Turkey’s next millionaire! As if that wasn’t amazing enough there are a total of four ways to win it big. For even faster play select the quick pick option and the machine will choose six numbers for you. Get your tickets now and by Saturday you just might be a Loto Sayisal winner!

Turkey’s Super Lotto 6/54 is a fairly new game that became incredibly popular in a very short period of time. It’s the most-played lotto game in Turkey. Super Lotto jackpots start at TL 1.1 million and feature a rollover option when no player has a match. All prizes are awarded in a cash lump sum. The lottery drawing is every Thursday evening so play today for your chance to win big!

The South Africa Lotto is the most popular lottery game in the country. It is played all across the nation every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 p.m. local time. There are seven ways to win this fast-paced lotto and if you’re having trouble picking the numbers you can use their quick pick option. At a cost of only R3.50 per line it’s easy to see how the entire nation joins in to participate in the exciting South African National Lotto!

The South Africa Powerball Lotto is not only the most popular lottery game in South Africa but it is also the one with the highest payouts. Twice each week the Powerball results are viewable live on South African television at 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. Jackpots are typically over R 1,000,000 and it’s only R 3.50 to play!

Oz Lotto has a base chance of winning the major jackpot that looks rather difficult to overcome at 1:45,379,620 - however, the lottery also offers two supplemental numbers and seven smaller prizes every draw, so while your chance of hitting the big jackpot or somewhat smaller than other places you might play, the chance of taking home a smaller prize are actually quite good and the syndicate team gaming options described below make Oz Lottery gaming a solid choice for anyone looking to join forces with friends or family.

Australia’s Powerball Lottery is just one of many games offered by the friendly down-under country. Powerball happens to be a country-wide lottery game rather than an in-state Australian lotto game. This fast action lotto takes place once per week all across the country every Thursday evening at 6:28 p.m. The lucky winner gets to take home their winnings in one tax-free lump sum. It doesn’t get any better than the Australian Powerball!

Tattslotto is just one of several Australian lottery game offerings available. Also called the Australian Saturday Lotto, Tattslotto is a countrywide lotto game, which means anyone can participate, rather than in-state games. Depending on where in the country a person is this lottery has several regional names. In Victoria and the Northern Territories it is known as Tattslotto. Queenslands calls it the Gold Lotto and in New South Wales and Southwestern Australia it is simply called the Saturday Lotto. The lottery is drawn every Saturday night at 6:28 p.m.

The Wednesday Gold Lotto is a favorite among Aussie lotto players. It is one of the old time favorite lottos run by the Queensland Lottery Company. The Australian Gold Lotto is the traditional Wednesday Lotto but several states within Australia also have their own versions of a “Wednesday Lottery.” Each Wednesday at 8:45 Queensland time hopeful ticket holders tune into the live drawing to see if they are Australia’s next big millionaire!