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Spain - La Primitiva

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The Spanish Lottery runs one of the oldest lotto organizations in the world. Spanish Lotto 6/49 or Loteria Primitiva is an exciting, high-payout game they offer. It is the second biggest lotto game in Spain just slightly behind the annual El Gordo which is drawn in December. Tickets for the Spanish Lotto 6/49 are only a Euro each so get some today. Play twice per week for your best chance to win it big in La Primitiva!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Like most traditional European lottery games La Primitiva runs on a simple 6/49 matrix. Players carefully select six numbers from a pool of balls numbered 1 to 49. If all six numbers match the grand prize drawing is won! There are several other ways to win prizes in this Spanish lotto game. The odds of taking home the grand prize are 1 in 13.98 million. The odds of winning a second tier prize are 1 in 2.33 million and the odds of winning any prize in La Primitiva are only 1 in 57!

Lottery Security And Results

The government of Spain oversees all lottery operations and has been doing so since the mid 1700s. Loteria Nacional is the same system that the massive El Gordo runs on, which further increases the stability of this organization. The highest payout ever recorded in La Primitiva happened in October 2005 when a Malaga winner correctly matched all six numbers. The jackpot for that drawing was nearly €25 million!

Lottery History

Loteria Nacional oversees the Spanish Lottery and proudly proclaims a whopping 70% of funds generated are returned right back to the people of Spain. The organization adheres to a spread-the-wealth mentality and as a result the people of Spain are able to enjoy a wide variety of lottery-sponsored social programs. Loteria Primitiva was initially introduced way back in 1763 and has been a national favorite ever since.


Two times each week Loteria Primitiva is drawn and the prizes are huge! Simply match six numbers correctly and this Spanish lotto jackpot could be yours! If you have trouble selecting the numbers their lotto number generator will quick-pick your six for you. Lottery earnings are paid out in a very lucrative tax-free lump sum! Get your Spanish Lotto 6/49 tickets now!

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