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Massachusetts - Cash WinFall

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The Massachusetts Cash Winfall is the most popular lottery in the state’s massive arsenal of lotto games. The unique part about this Winfall game is the way the prize is paid out. Unlike most state lottery games which require annuity payments Winfall always pays out in one giant “winfall” sum! This means when you hit the Cash Winfall you are an instant millionaire!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Cash Winfall runs on a traditional 6/46 matrix. Players must choose six numbers from a random generator of numbers from 1 to 46. If all six numbers match they win the big jackpot! The odds of winning this first tier prize are 1 in 9.36 million. As a very unique twist the Cash Winfall even pays out a prize for matching just two numbers! The odds of winning a two number match are just 1 in 6!

Lottery Security And Results

The Massachusetts Cash Winfall caps the winnings at $2 million so the largest jackpot is never higher. The record jackpot for any lottery game in the state took place in the summer of 2004 when a man from Lowell won the $294 million Mega Millions jackpot. At the time he was the largest single-ticket winner in US lotto history. As with all lotto games the state of Massachusetts oversees the daily operations and proceed distribution.

Lottery History

The Massachusetts Lottery was developed in 1971 when the state legalized gambling. The main goal was to create funds that could be dispersed to regions around the state. The first lotto tickets were for a lotto offering called “The Game” in 1972. A scratch off game was introduced in 1974. The scratch offs are so popular today there are over four dozen different games in play. Massachusetts is also one of the states that participates in the huge Mega Millions lottery game.


Cash Winfall is an easy-to-play state lottery game. Match up the correct six numbers and the massive cash winfall is all yours! There is even a prize for matching just two numbers! A quick pick option is also offered so it is easier than ever to take part in the Winfall lotto!

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