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Kansas - Super Kansas Cash

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The hardworking people of Kansas gather around their tv sets three times each week to see if their lives are about to change forever. They have their Super Kansas Cash lottery tickets in hand and the winning numbers are about to be drawn. At 9:05 all six numbers are displayed up on the screen. If a player matches all six the big Kansas jackpot is theirs! Super Kansas Cash starts at a jackpot of $100,000 and rolls over each time the game does not have a winner.

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Super Kansas Cash operates on a 5/32 plus 1/25 matrix. Players choose five numbers from 1 to 32, then another number from 1 to 25. If all five numbers plus the bonus number match that player is the Super Kansas Cash jackpot winner! If you are having trouble choosing your lotto numbers Super Kansas Cash offers a quick pick option that will select numbers for you. The odds of winning Super Kansas Cash’s main prize are a very favorable 1 in 2.51 million. The odds of winning any prize in the game are just 1 in 30!

Lottery Security And Results

As with all Kansas Lotto games Super Kansas Cash is backed by the state government and a national lottery commission verifies the program quarterly. The largest Super Kansas Cash jackpot ever won was by a two-time lottery winner in 2004. A woman from Abilene won $3.05 million just 4 years after winning $1.2 million! Unlike most other state lottery games the Kansas State Lottery only pays in lump sums. This means your winnings are available all at once and won’t be split up over 30 years.

Lottery History

In 1987 the state of Kansas passed the Lottery Act and the Kansas Lotto system was born. The end goal was to generate additional revenue for social programs within the state while maintaining the highest level of integrity possible. The lottery in Kansas has been a positive asset to the community ever since.


For just a dollar you can have two plays in the Super Kansas Cash lottery game! Super Kansas Cash is a bigger version of the traditional Kansas Cash game. There are two groups of numbers to pick from and in order to be the big winner all six numbers must match! The jackpots are huge and there are many different ways to win!

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Mon 21:05 Wed 21:05 Sat 21:05
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5/32 + PB 1/25
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About 30.00%