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Israel - New Lotto

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Israel’s lottery system is one of the oldest ones on the planet. The most popular game is called the New Lotto. Jackpots start at NIS 4 million and roll over each time there is no winner for that night’s lotto. The New Lotto also features an extremely low number pool. While many other lottos operate from 1 to 60 the Israeli New Lotto runs from just 1 to 37!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

The New Lotto operates on a double matrix. For the first set of numbers players choose six from a pool of thirty-seven. The second lotto pool takes one number from 1 to 6. This second number is called a Chazak Number. It is similar to America’s Powerball Number. If a player matches all six plus the Chazak they are the big jackpot winner. The odds of winning this main prize are 1 in 18.59 million. There are several other ways to win the Israeli New Lotto. The odds of winning any prize in this game are 1 in 18.8!

Lottery Security And Results

The largest New Lotto jackpot ever awarded was NIS 16 million in October 2007. Unlike many other global lotto games all Israeli lotto games pay out in one lump sum. This means winners get their prize all at once, rather than in dozens of annual payments. The Israeli people spend an average of NIS 10 billion per year on lottery games. All lotto activities in Israel are monitored and operated by the government.

Lottery History

The Israel National Lottery started in 1951. The purpose was to benefit the people of Israel by way of several community social programs. Over ninety-five percent of the Israeli lotto proceeds go straight back to the community. Throughout the years the lotto profits have been awarded to schools, welfare programs, cultural centers and health care facilities.


Twice each week on Tuesday and Saturday nights the Israeli New Lotto game is drawn live on television. At 10:55 p.m. Jerusalem time hopeful lotto players tune in to see if they’ve become the state’s next multi-millionaire! Anyone over eighteen is welcome to play this fast-paced, high-paying lotto game!

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6/37 + PB 1/7
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About 25.00%