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France - Loto

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Loterie France has been around for decades and it’s been estimated one in three French citizens play the lottery regularly. While there are several games including Keno, Joker+, Loto Foot 7, Rapido and Super Loto the flagship game by far is Loto Francaise. All Francaise jackpots begin at EUR 2 million and with a rollover option the sky is the limit! Get your Loto Francaise tickets today!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

The France Lottery operates on a double matrix of 5/49 and 1/10. Players must choose five numbers from 1 to 49 as well as a single number from 1 to 10. The second number is called the “Lucky Number” and it allows a player to win additional prizes. There are six different ways to be a Loto Francaise winner. The odds of winning the grand prize are 1 in 19.06 million. Second level odds are 1 in 2.11 and the odds of winning any prize in this French lottery are a very favorable 1 in 16!

Lottery Security And Results

The French lottery system is heavily regulated by the government. They have a 72 percent stake in the semi-public company, Francaise des Jeux that runs all lotto operations. The largest jackpot in French Lotto history was EUR 18 million in 2005. The lottery proudly reports their creation of over 8000 multi-millionaire lotto winners since 1976.

Lottery History

In 1936 the French government wanted to raise funds so they introduced a lottery program. By 1993 the lottery was big business in France and a semi-public company called Francaise des Jeux was founded to operate all games within the country. Loto Francaise was first launched in 1976 and even today is still played by over 15 million gamers. A quick pick option was later introduced to the game and remains an available option today.


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Loto Francaise holds their live lottery drawings. Players have a chance to win millions which is all paid out in one tax-free lump sum award! Proceeds from the French Lottery go toward several feel good programs, including the National Center for Sport Development. The cost to play Loto Francaise is just EUR 2 per line so get in on the lotto excitement today!

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5/49 + PB 1/10
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