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Europe - EuroMillions

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Euro Millions takes lottery games to a whole new level by pooling the players of several European countries into one gigantic lotto game that goes beyond anything any single national lottery might hope to create. Euro Millions drawings take place twice every week, on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Whereas all national lotteries are limited by the number of residents in each particular country, Euro Millions goes above and beyond international borders to create the largest lottery on the planet with jackpots as high as 185 million Euros for a single winner!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

For you to win Euro Millions, all you'll need to do is match two main numbers out of 5 numbered balls each from a selection of 1 to 50. The more balls you match, the bigger your jackpot becomes. There are also two additional numbers from 1 – 11 called ‘Lucky Stars.’ In order to win the main jackpot you'll need some skill and some luck to match all five balls and both of your own Lucky Stars.

The overall odds of winning a prize in Euromillions are just 1 in 13! However, many players are only interested in winning the Euro millions jackpot. The odds of matching all five balls and your 2 Lucky Stars are 1 in 116,531,800. That may seem like a long shot but with it being so easy to win back more than you invest, your money can get stretched quite a long way as you keep trying to hit the big payoff on your luckiest day.

There are 13 ways to win smaller prizes from the Euro-millions Lottery. Players who get their lottery tickets from within the UK also qualify for a special Millionaire Raffle entry included in the price of your ticket. Millionaire Raffle pays out a fixed prize of £1m to a UK Euromillions player every Tuesday and Friday as a special bonus.

While it's true that there is no limit to the number of times Euro millions can rollover if the main prize is not won, once the jackpot reaches €185 million it does get capped and all further rollovers become roll downs which increase the amounts on all the smaller prize winnings. As an example, during draw number 397 where the jackpot had reached the 185 million cap, 11 winners who each matched only 5 numbers and a single Lucky Star were able to take home prizes of £1,779,995 from the Euro-millions record breaking 14 rollovers previous to their big day.

Lottery Security And Results

Euromillions Tickets are valid for a period of 180 days so always be sure to check your numbers and claim your prizes quickly. An amazing amount of money gets left on the table by lazy players who fail to pick up their money when they win.

Also, since Euro Millions is available in many countries, keep in mind that the age requirements in your area may vary as well. There is no sense playing a game if you do not meet the age requirements because you won't be able to collect your money when you win. In the UK the minimum age is 16, outside of the UK age limits may vary and often are between 18 and 21 so make sure you know the rules of your own region before getting started.

EuroMillions is operated by Camelot, the oversight company for the The National Lottery of the UK. To date, Camelot have overseen more than 4 million people winning prizes every week and has reported annual sales of more than £5 billion each year on average during the last 16 years. That makes it one of the safest lotto providers in the world.

Lottery History

Nine countries participate in EuroMillions. They include Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. On various occasions Euromillions UK organizers have decided to run a Super Raffle where multiple Millionaire Raffle winners can be chosen from the same drawing. The largest number to date was on December 24th 2010 when Euromillions awarded 25 different players with a million euro win, and that comes out on top of the standard prize pool!
In just 16 years so far, The National Lottery has created more than 2,600 millionaires and generated an amazing £26 billion for Good Causes like the Olympics coming up in Great Britain. As is often said, for that reason, even a ticket that doesn't hit the jackpot is still a winner because it contributes to the greater good for society overall.


If a few million isn't enough and you want a chance at the biggest prizes on the planet, take a chance and see if you can win the 185 million Euro max jackpot from EuroMillions. Deciding how you would spend all of that money is probably harder than winning it in the first place. Just think of it, 185 million Euros, is it ever even possible to spend that much?!

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