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Brazil - Mega da Virada

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The Mega da Virada lottery of Brazil is responsible for some of the largest jackpot wins in South American lottery history. A massive R$194.3 million prize in 2010 surpassed the earlier record of R$144.9 million from 2009. The 2012 jackpot has been set at R$230 million for the annual New Year’s Eve draw on December 31 and now the 2013 grand prize is starting up all over again!

Lottery Odds And Statistics

Unlike other lottery games that happen every week, the Mega da Virada holiday super draw gains size all year long and has one massive payout the finish out the holiday season. Simply fill out a lottery ticket with six numbers between 1 and 60, and buy as many chances as you like throughout the year - then on December 31st, six winning numbers will be drawn and you can see if you are the next mega millionaire from Mega De Virada Brazil!

Lottery tickets that match four, five or all six of the winning numbers cash in on one of the three prize categories making Mega da Virada a major cultural event in Brazil, with the majority of the adult population entering the draw (some with hundreds of potentially winning tickets) and watching the live draw on television as part of the New Years Eve festivities. With so many people playing, the chance of sharing the grand prize with other lucky players is pretty high. In 2010 there were four winners, for example, but with a split of the massive R$194 million prize there is plenty to go around.

Lottery Security And Results

Fans of Mega da Virada have helped to make it the largest lottery draw in Brazil. So far at least one winner has been found every year, but if no winner is named with all 6 numbers correct, then the Meda da Virada jackpot gets distributed among the ticket-holders that correctly guessed five of the winning numbers. That means you have an extra way to win even more money by getting just five of the six numbers correct!

Lottery History

Making Mega da Virada an even more attractive lottery game, nearly 62% of all Mega da Virada profits go directly to the jackpot pool which means the prize can grow substantially above the preset payout amount. 19% of proceeds are allocated to the second place prize, and another 19% of profits are given to the third prize winners. That means every ticket value is included in the payout without any of the money being diverted to other causes!


The best part of the Mega da Virada is that it has become such a vibrant part of the Brazilian culture. Drawn just once every year, you can be a part of the holiday atmosphere by investing in your own lottery tickets any time of the year as long as you have your numbers before the big day. Buy new lottery tickets all year long and have dozens of chances to win a life-changing amount of money as part of your own jackpot celebration next New Years Eve!

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