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Belgium - Lotto

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The Belgium Lotto is the biggest lottery game offered by the Belgium National Lottery, known as the Loterie Nationale. This particular game first took place in 1978 and quickly became popular due to the large draws. Winnings start off at 1 million Euros and can quickly grow to multi-millions. The game is played twice per week, once on Wednesday and again on Saturday. To make it even more appealing the winnings are awarded in a lump sum rather than in payments.

Lottery Odds And Statistics

The Belgium National Lottery uses a 6/42 system which means you pick six numbers out of an overall pool of numbers from 1 to 42. If you match all six numbers you win the big jackpot. In addition to the major prize there are a number of additional winnings that can be obtained based on the numbers you’ve selected. A quick pick option is also available, which means you can opt to have the lotto machine randomly select your numbers for you. It costs a half a Euro per line with a minimum play of two lines. You must be 18 or older to participate. Games can also be purchased online. The odds of winning the Belgium National Lottery are much better than many other large lottos. To win the big six the odds are 1 in 5.24 million. To take home the smaller jackpots the odds get even better. Match five numbers plus the bonus and the odds are 1:875,297. Match four numbers and the odds are an exciting 1:555!

Lottery Security And Results

Loterie Nationale is a public limited company and the government is the only shareholder. It has been around for nearly 50 years, making it one of the more stable lotteries in Europe. The largest jackpot ever offered by the Belgium Lottery was 7 million Euros back in 2004. Like many other lottos the Loterie Nationale operates a rollover system. If no one wins the big jackpot on Saturday night the amount rolls over to the following Saturday, making the prize even larger.

Lottery History

In 1934 the Belgian Government authorized the organization of a Colonial Lottery. The idea was to create profits for the Treasury as well as the Homeland Welfare of Congo. This particular lottery was invented in 1962 and was granted approval by the Minister of Finance. While the country already had a number of lottos this was the first number lottery in existence. Previously only ticket lotteries were permitted. Today the Belgium National Lottery is a partner of Child Focus, a non profit that provides important resources to needy children and their families. Other proceeds go to the National Disaster Fund and the Belgian Survival Fund.


Loterie Nationale is an easy to play lotto from the country of Belgium. Simply choose six numbers and if you match all six you are the big jackpot winner.

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